San Dimas’ Concert in the Park

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With summer ticking closer our way, that means one thing–summer concerts! The perks of living in Southern, CA are the constant events that every city holds, making it easier and more convenient for residents to stay close to home as well. Each city from Azusa, Glendora, Los Angeles, San Dimas, and to Santa Monica have their own “Concerts in the Park,” where the local park(s) screen a movie for the public (anyone is welcome) or have a band perform live, usually cover songs of some classic rock favorites. Usually, they go on for all summer; it varies per city.

The San Dimas “Concert in the Park” festive usually starts around the end of June and wraps up around mid-August, just in time before the kids return back to school for the fall semester. The atmosphere is a mix between a library and, ultimately, a rock-n-roll show once the band arrives on stage. The library reference is for the movie screening nights that is often projected on the big screen.

Our companion services give our senior patients the luxury to stick close to home, something that is commonly preferred for medical reasons. Our caregivers are able to transport our seniors to the “Concert in the Park,” if our senior patient has a desire to check out some music of watch a movie. Or, to just step outside and get some fresh air. They do not have to worry about going alone nor will feel the absence of their caretaker because they can also tag along with their patient.

Our companion services allow our caregivers and patients to build and form a strong bond. It is important to A-1 Home Care that our seniors feel comfortable as well as trust their caretaker. Please give us a call at our San Dimas office (626) 287-0250 / (562) 929-8400 to hear more about our other services from after surgery to dementia care, if your loved one needs further assistance at home. Even if it is to just spend some time with company.


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