Teaming up against Parkinson’s in San Dimas

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder that affects one in 100 people over age 60.  While the average age at onset is 60, some people are diagnosed at 40 or younger.

-The Michael J. Fox Foundation

A diagnosis of this condition is a life-changing experience.  There are signature symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include tremors, slowness of movement (or bradykinesia) and rigidity.  High numbers of those with the condition experience issues with balance (or postural instability).  Due to the nature of Parkinson’s, symptoms will appear gradually at first and will increase in frequency as time progress.  These signs will usually begin in one side of the body and transfer over to the other over time.  Unfortunately, there does not exist a simple definitive test for the condition.  Doctors are to look deeply into medical background history and conduct an extensive neurological exam seeking two or more signature symptoms.  It is also common for doctors to test for the body’s responses to Parkinson’s medicines to substantiate the correct diagnosis of Parkinson’s.  Because there is no one definitive test for the disease, misdiagnosis is quite common.  Is my elderly loved one at risk of Parkinson’s?

Risks and Causes of Parkinson’s

Genetics- There are specific genetic mutations associated with Parkinson’s disease but these are not common; save for groups of family members affected by the disease.

Environmental Factors– Exposure to certain toxic elements have been shown to increase likelihood of the development of Parkinson’s down the line but there is not a great risk.

Age- Younger folk are not commonly afflicted with Parkinson’s as it is typically found in middle age or into senior years.  Risk increases with years and most usually develop the condition near 60 and older.

Sex– There exists a higher percentage of men who’ve developed Parkinson’s than women.

At A-1 Home Care we are proud to be industry leaders in San Dimas and cities across Los Angeles AND Orange County.  We offer patient specific custom care plans for each individual and our caregivers understand what is needed in situations like these.  With a condition such as Parkinson’s, normal everyday tasks we think nothing of can become difficult and stressful.  Having a Live-In Caregiver or Hourly Caregiver means your loved one does not have to face these difficulties alone.  Our quality and experienced Caregivers, Home Helpers and Senior Companions can assist with personal hygiene, transportation, exercise, meal preparation, pet care and so much more.  Call us today at (909) 861-7700 or (310) 657-8780 to learn more about how we can help your loved overcome life’s struggles and enjoy a higher quality of living.

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